Today’s software systems are rarely built from scratch. Instead, they are typically built on existing software systems that might have been constructed decades ago and that have since evolved, possibly in an unmanaged fashion. Throwing away the legacy software systems and re-building them from scratch is not an option as they incorporate a lot of corporate knowledge and represent much business value. Instead, those software systems need to be modernized and restructured to make them amenable to future developments and to functional and technological evolution. Therefore, knowledge hidden in the existing legacy software systems needs to be extracted and made available for software modernization, software reengineering as well as context awareness and reconfiguration.

The workshop is intended to bring together researchers and practitioners from the software reengineering and knowledge extraction communities, so that they can cross-fertilize each other. Thus, techniques for knowledge extraction, knowledge representation, and knowledge visualisation can be fruitfully applied to software reengineering, and software reengineering can raise new research challenges and applications for the knowledge acquisition community.


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